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Examination & Promotion

Promotion of students to the next higher class of the end of the academic year is governed by a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system. This system is intended to provide a holistic profile of the learners through assessment of both scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of education spread the total span of instructional time in an academic year . The cumulative progress report at the session shall reflect weight age as per the following pattern:

Class I-X
Evaluation 1 Fa 1 (April-May) 10%
Evaluation 2 Fa 2 (July-Aug) 10% Term 1
Evaluation 3 Sa 1 (Sep) 30% The entire academic year is divided into two terms i & ii
Evaluation 4 Fa3 (Oct-Nov) 10% Term 2
Evaluation 5 Fa4 (Dec-Jan) 10%
Evaluation 6 Sa4 (March) 30%
Reporting Student’s Achievement
The grade in the scholastic are will stand for the following distribution of marks The grades in the co-scholastic area will be according to the table mentioned below
Grade Comment Percentage Grade Grade points
A* Outstanding 90%-100% A* 4.1-5.0
A Excellent 75%-89% A 3.1-4.0
B Very good 56%-74% B 2.1-3.0
C Good 35%-55% C 1.1-2.0
D Scope for Improvement Below 35% D 0-1.0
Class VI-X
Grade Grade points Grade Points
A1 91-100 10.0
A2 81-90 9.0
B1 71-80 8.0
B2 61-70 7.0
C1 51-60 6.0
C2 41-50 5.0
D 33-40 4.0
E1 21-32
E2 20 and Below
CO-scholastic Area Grading On 5 Points Scale
Grade* Grade Points
A 4.1-5.0
B 3.1-4.0
C 2.1-3.0
D 1.1-2.0
For promotion to next class
  •  Student must obtain qualifying grade (Minimum grade D) In all Subject s under scholastic domain Minimum qualifying grade in  co-scholastic domain in D.
  • Minimum of 75% attendance is required for promotion to next higher class as per board guidelines a student of class XI should score Minimum Of 33% Marks in each Subject For Promotion To class XII
  • CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average )Will be provided Excluding additional 6th subject as per scheme of students
  • An indicative equivalence of grade point and percentage of marks can be computed of follows :
  • Subject wise indicative percentage of marks =9.5*GP of the subject Overall indicative percentage of marks =9.5*CGPA