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GRD World School was affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi since 2000 to 2014 and we followed CBSE curriculum successfully till 2014 with 100% results of CBSE.
In 2014, school has applied for CBSE affiliation under switch over case, school received its due affiliation from CBSE in 2015. From 2015, school is following CBSE curriculum to fulfill the needs of parents & students . Our school affiliation No. is 3530418 and school No. is 57321.


School follow the curriculum as prescribed by CBSE, Delhi and in accordance to current education policies. School has designed separate curriculum for primary, secondary and senior secondary classes as per requirement.

Smart Classes

GRD World School is well equipped with recent trends and techniques of teaching and learning. We have the facility of Smart Classes to make teaching learning process alive and effective. We have provided this facility from our pre-primary level to improve the understanding part of learning process. We have a contract with Teach Next Education to provide updated services of smart classes. Subject teachers also prepare power point presentation of their subject topics to teach in classes.
Our multipurpose hall is provided with the same facility to conduct seminars/workshops for students and teachers on current topics to refresh their knowledge and understanding.

Written Quiz

Before both terminal examinations, written quiz is arranged for each subject in which MCQ and objective type questions are included to test the understanding of students.
These written quiz help the students to read and study the whole lessons before their terminal examinations i.e. half yearly and annual examinations.